- Model TOK-18 - Harvest Vegetable Conveyor



TOK-18 vegetable conveyor machine is used for harvesting of vegetable and cucurbitaceous crops grown in open ground in buckets, boxes and bythe piece.

Its structure is unique because its elements won't touch the fieldand because they are made considering the technological sizes of the eighteen meters wide spraying machine. Absense of damage of farm produce is guaranteedby means of its independent transporting in individual package.

The conveyor moves trhrough the field along the rows of theproduce yet to be gathered. 2PTS-4 trailer followsit. At each row of the cropsthere is one gatherer. The farm produce (tomoto, cucumber, onion, root crops,etc.) gathered to the boxes and buckets is placed to the conveyor moving intraverse direction (in relation to the direction of the machine itself). Thepiece produce (watermelons, melons, cabbage, etc.) is put to the specialattachement, and that allows to prevent damage of the plants. Also, harvestingof strawberry is possible (special package is used).

The loading man takes the gathered produce off the conveyor, puts it intothe vehicle and returns the empty package back to the conveyor. The conveyormachine has a welded structure of five elements which allows to move it farenough by means of vehicles. The conveyor machine can easily be switched to thetransporting mode, and that encreases its operational time. The conveyormachine can be used for harvesting for purposes of the canning industry and forthose of sale of fresh produce.

The main advantage of the TOK-18 conveyor machine

  • encreasing efficiency of the labor of the gatherers in multiple selective gathering (3 times and more);
  • possibility to gather the produce both for fresh sale and for processing industry;
  • possibility to gather all of the vegetable and cucurbitaceous crops and the strawberry;
  • possibility to infinitely adjust speed of the conveyor depending on the raising of the yield and the workers' efficiency;
  • the structure allows to put the conveyor machine on its way be two workers;
  • contactless motion of the conveyor machine's girder along the field with the harvest;
  • quick cost recovery.

  • The hitch can be unitized with tractor of the class, kN : 14
  • Coverage, m : 18
  • Productivity when the yield is more than 40 tons/he, tons/shift : more than 50
  • Number of service personnel, men : 18-20
  • Motion speed, m/sec : from 0.04 and higher

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