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Rota Disc Elite


The Rota Disc Elite will change the way you harvest. It has a distinctly unique design, both impressive and sleek, yet rugged and tough. These machines will reliably put your harvest into high speed while maximizing yields in every condition.

Built Upon an Exceptional Foundation
Success must be built upon a solid foundation. The Geringhoff Elite Series was created upon the form and function of an advanced aircraft. Durability and flow were forged alongside the concepts of lighter weight and superior longevity. The Elite Series offers an exceptionally smooth and quiet running system, despite it's fierce appetite during harvest.]
Kick your harvest in to High Speed
New to the Elite Series is Geringhoff's Integrated Crop Flow System. Six standard features work together along with two optional features to create the ideal environment for optimal crop flow and maximum yield retention. With the ICF System in place, changing field conditions won't stop you from bring in your crop on your terms

Optional ICF System features:

ICF Sweeper
Rely on the ICF Sweeper to power you through even the toughest conditions when all others have come to a halt. Substantially increase speeds and yield in any condition and reduce your combine hours up to 50%. An integrated design offers a clean, sleek appearance with convenient fore/ aft and up/down adjustments at the touch of a button. Detaches quickly if you prefer but you’ll learn that an ICF Sweeper is the future of corn harvest.

End Row Augers
Proven to enhance feeding and be more efficient than any end row shield, the optional Elite End Row Augers create confidence in any tough or tall crop conditions. In-cab control reduces crop loss as well as bunching and lodging.

What sets us apart?

  • Low horsepower draw
  • Low operating costs
  • The quietest, smoothest running head in the industry
  • Direct drive, with PTO coupler, not chain in oil bath
  • Modular component design for ease of maintenance and long life
  • Engineered to minimize ear shatter and bounce
  • Bullet proof aluminum gearboxes
  • Triple slip clutch protection on each row unit
  • Shock restriction couplers prevent torque loss between row units
  • Low profile for superior feeding in down corn
  • Modular poly snout design does not require sub frame
  • Spring loaded snouts for superior height control
  • Easily adjust poly angle without tools
  • Poly lift assist gas shocks for convenient maintenance and cleaning
  • The industry’s strongest and most robust gathering chain
  • 9 lug chains for optimum feeding
  • 30 second chain removal tool included
  • Large chain return sprocket for superior feeding and flow
  • Poly chain return sprocket enhances gathering chain life
  • Double acting hydraulic deck plates with chromium reinforced leading edge
  • Easily adjust auger height as field conditions dictate
  • Variable pitch auger flight to improve crop flow
  • Large auger trough to accommodate increased yields
  • Recognized as #1 in yield retention of all corn heads
  • Ability to accommodate even the toughest down corn conditions
  • Trash deflector evenly distributes stalk residue through the field
  • Easily modified to accommodate change in combine brand or model
  • Annual updates available as new combines are introduced
  • Hundreds of trained dealers across North America
  • Factory service technicians located throughout North America
  • Around the clock harvest season support
  • Industry leading 2 year limited warranty
  • Exceptional parts availability throughout North America
  • Consistently rated as the industry’s highest re-sale
  • Online and 1-800 service support
  • Over 130 years of harvest experience
  • Recognized as the world specialists in corn harvesting headers

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