Rotary Cultivator



The rotary cultivator for e.g. blackcurrants crushes the rhizomes after first cutting off or remove the branches on the ground with a chopper. Thanks to the ground milled, you can prepare the field better and faster for the new extension. The rotary cultivator is characterized by a simple construction and reliability. The result of the crushing of the soil depends on the type and size of the rootstock. The working element is a rotor with a vertical axis and four blades mounted accordingly. During the work, it may be necessary to put two sandbags on the stump grinder. The rotor is powered by the PTO.

  • Length: 1275mm
  • Width: 1285mm
  • Height: 1065mm
  • Weight: 150 kg
  • Rotor’s diameter: 650mm
  • Transport speed: up to 20 km/h
  • Working speed: 1,0- 3,5 km/h
  • Productivity: 0,25- 0,8 ha/h
  • Required tractor min: 45kW (60 HP)

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