Rotary Drum Pasteurizer



The Rotary Drum Pasteurizer from Lyco relies upon our innovative rotating drum design to gently agitate products for rapid processing without product damage. First used on sausages in 1988, today’s system can handle hot dogs and sausages in varying sized pouched, providing uniform process results. Our pasteurizer meets the high level of USDA/MID sanitation design features. The single, major rotating component doesn’t damage pouches or wear out, for longer product life.

Pasteurizers are a variation of Lyco’s rotary drum blancher/cooker design, with specialized heating systems and controls. A rotary drum cylinder moves product gently yet rapidly through the system. The rotary drum cylinder has one major component—an auger covered with a perforated skin sheet—suspended in a tank partially filled with water, heated via steam manifolds located in the tank. Packaged hot dogs or sausage products are fed into the pasteurizer and proceed through on a first-in/first-out basis. Upon exit, a conveyor takes the product to a cooler.

  • Eliminates product damage
  • Uniform processing
  • Fewer parts/less maintenance
  • Easy to clean

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