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We design and manufacture the Fullwood Rotary Abreast – an external rotary parlour. The Fullwood Rotary Abreast provides the most efficient use of space giving maximum cow numbers in a circle.

The main features of this milking system are:

  • Quick installation
  • Simple, robust design
  • It is quick to load up the cows and udder presentation is excellent
  • There is an option for slow milkers to go round twice
  • Available with or without feeding
  • The rotary can run clockwise or anti-clockwise
  • Is fully integrated with Fullwood Crystal herd management software.

Resulting in many benefits for the farmer:

  • Low running costs due to long life and low maintenance requirement
  • Large groups of cows can be milked very quickly
  • Ability to personalise the rotation speed and direction, feeding and other features to suit you and your herd
  • Safe, operator-friendly environment to help attract and retain the best herdsmen – safe for the operator, safe for the animal and safe for the product.

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