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We design and manufacture the Fullwood Rotary Abreast – an external rotary parlour. The first Fullwood rotary was launched in 1969 and revolutionised milking for farmers not just in Britain but throughout the world. More than forty years on the Fullwood Rotary Abreast provides a world class milking solution to the largest farms.

Benefits for the dairy farmer:

  • Low running costs due to long life and low maintenance requirement
  • Rapid milking of large groups
  • Ability to personalise the rotation speed and direction, feeding and other features to suit farmer and the herd
  • Safe, operator-friendly environment to help attract and retain best team

Key Features:

  • Robust, modular platform design
  • Quick loading
  • Excellent udder presentation
  • Second time round gates for slower milkers
  • Clockwise or anti-clockwise
  • Available with or without feeding
  • Sizes from 24 to 80 stalls

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