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Rotary Tiller Blades


Our European quality Rotary Tiller Blades are made with world’s high-performance steel, which ensures ploughing the toughest soil conditions and it has been approved by many O.E. manufacturers and end users. These blades are manufactured under strict Heat -Treatment process to obtain high-quality blades. The rotary tiller blade is the main part of rotary tiller machine and it is attached to a tractor for ploughing. The rotary tiller is the latest concept in agriculture mechanization and it helps the farmer to increase the productivity drastically compared to conventional Equipments / manual work. The rotary tiller does the basic job of soil conditioning after the harvesting and prepares the land for sowing. The soil condition includes ploughing / pulverizing the previous crop waste, converts it as manure and prepares soil bed. The blade plays a major role in making of the soil and the farmer uses the rotary tiller with lesser operating cost and makes more profit from it.

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