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Rotary Trencher

The Rotary Trencher AGRIVAL 60L is designed to open ditches following the trail right of the tractor being, because, a trencher side. The whole structure is made of sheet steel, comprising a fender, longitudinal rotor system com 3 sets 4 knives or blades to 'L' (that totalizam 12 cutting knives) and rear skid control trench depth. The transmission comprises double chain oil bath and cardan. The implement is coupled to three points of the tractor and driven by the PTO with torque limiter. The rotor system of longitudinal cutting and provides better dispersion of the soil with less effort tractor.

For opening channels for drainage in irrigated rice fields and other crops in lowland areas; for trenching and deposition of organic material and to work with ditches on the side fences, Taipas and roads.

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