Rousseau CS

Rotary Wing Cutter



Rousseau has added to its range with rotary wing cutter (BGLs) intended in particular for use in agriculture, for community upkeep, and at airports. These shredders will provide a perfect cut for regular upkeep of your large outdoor spaces, grassland cutting, green manure, crop residue, fallow land, orchards, airports, and so on.

  • Productivity: A BGL 820 can cover more than 80 hectares per day.
  • Versatility: BGLs are effective for vegetation of up to 80 mm in diameter.
  • High-quality results: regular cut and optimal spreading of vegetation.
  • Reliability and safety: designed and manufactured with quality constantly in mind, our BGLs will meet all of your requirements in terms of safety and maintenance costs.

  • Three cutting widths: 2.00 m, 3.00 m, 4.20 m
  • Cutting height adjustable with 4-position control wheels
  • Reinforced crank assembly
  • High-resistance treated steel blades designed to facilitate uptake
  • Front and rear chain guards

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