- Model VYR-3100 - Sprinklers



The sprinkler VYR-3100 is a 'ROTATIVE' sprinkler type for low-flow irrigation.This model is a full circle sprinkler and has a regulatory angle projection system that can vary between -8  ° and  25 °.  Its design and  versatility offers  a perfect fit for irrigation of greenhouses, under-tree irrigation and even industrial applications.The  VYR-3100  has 4  bayonet  nozzles  easily mounted  and easily  diference its  color code.The  constant speed  system  operated by a  brake system  on a shaft  inserted into a  cavity filled with  silicone.  The  rotorrotational speed  will vary depending on  operating pressure, although the average  is 45  sec /  rev.


  • Height: 9 cm
  • Width: 5 cm
  • Weight: 46 gr
  • Units per box: 300
  • Weight per box: 12

  • Peso: 42 gr.
  • Unidades por caja: 300
  • Unidades por caja: 300
  • Peso total por caja: 15 kg
  • Largo: 300 mm
  • Ancho: 300 mm
  • Alto: 205 mm

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