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Rotavator is designed for opening and moving the soil without reversing. Moreover it is used for crushing clods, cutting of weeds, fast tilling after ploughing of meadows and pastures. Rotavator can be also used to mix fertilizers with soil on fields orchards and vegetable row cultivation. The advantage of the machine is the possibility to prepare soil for seedingup to 12 cmduring single run on the field. The offer contains rotavators of working width from1,2 m to 2,0 m.Discs with angled knives are mounted on the rotor with interspace of225 mm. The soil grinding is adjusted by movable rear protective guard. Raising the guard reduces soil grinding and lowering the guard increases soil grinding. Rotor rotating speed should amount265 rpm. In order to drive rotavator, it is recommended to use PTO shaft with slip clutch to ensure operational reliability and durability of the machine.

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