- Model 25 C/25-Series - Rotary Harrows



Club tines (max. working depth 230 mm) with side-fixation for quick exchange with the help of an air key. 25 C Series: three point headstock with round support tubes. 25 Series: three point headstock with square support beams (70x70 mm). Floating suspension of rotor guard. Rigid torsion-free gearirough with a flanged lid for a long life. Gearbox (central drive) suitable for 540 (standard) or 1000 rpm. Set of gears 19/16 at 540 rpm. Floating system with crumbier roller 0 440 mm. 25 C Series: rigid soil deflectors. 25 Series: Foldable soil deflectors, adjustable both horizontally and vertically. Walterscheid PTO shaft with cam-type cut-out clutch (13/a''6 splines at tractor side)

  • Patented club tines: due to the shape, side-fixation, material and production technique, the tines guarantee high quality and long life. These club lines are fitted by a single alien headed socket bolt and an unique captivated self locking nut. Because the boll is accessible from the side, the tines can quickly and easily
  • be changed thanks to the Easylock system by means of a power tool or socket. Fuel saving up to 20% in comparison with knife tines.
  • Heavy duty rigid torsion-free geartrough with flanged lid, large diameter shafts and bearings as well as a large spacing between the top and bottom bearings.
  • Geartrough completely sealed to ensure no contamination ol the drive gear lubrication. Incorporating self lubricating, double sealed, heavy duty bearings.
  • Patented spring-loaded rotor guard: stones and other objects are pushed down and can pass through the rotating tines.
  • Foldable floating soil deflectors: working width = transport width.
  • Floating system: if necessary, the Roterra power harrow can break out upwards independently from the roller. The roller continues to follow the ground.
  • Rigid portal headstock: centre of gravity is positioned closely to the tractor, makes working with a less powerful tractor possible.
  • Rotor speed: quickly and easily changeable gears.
  • Compact engineered: headstock and support frame suitable to mount secondary equipme like seed drills or planters, offers seeding or planting in one pass.

  • Shearpin automat Tulipmatic is recommended in soil with stones.
  • The mentioned powers are measured on the PTO-shaft.

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