- Model 35/45 Series - Rotary Harrows



Club tines (max. working depth 240 mm) with side-fixation tor quick exchange with the help of an air key. Up to 350: three point headstock with square support beams (80x80 mm). Up from 400: heavy three point headstock 55-series with heavy duty square support beams (100x100 mm). Floating suspension of rotor guard. Rigid torsion-free geartrough with a flanged lid for a long life. 35 Series: reinforced gearbox (central drive) suitable for 540 and 1000 rpm (standard). 45 Series: heavy duty gearbox (no central drive) suitable for 1000 rpm. 35 Series: set of gears 15/20 at 1000 rpm. 45 Series: set of gears 20/15 at 1000 rpm. Up lo 350: floating system with crumbier roller 0 440 mm. Up from 400: floating system with crumbier roller 0 520 mm. Foldable soil deflectors, adjustable both horizontally and vertically. Walterscheid PTO shaft with cam-type-cut-out clutch {1 i/%' - 6 splines at tractor side).

  • Patented club tines: due to the shape, side-fixation, material and production technique, the tines guarantee high quality and long life. These club tines are fitted by a single alien headed socket bolt and an unique captivated self locking nut. 8ecause the bolt is accessible from the side, the tines can quickly and easily be changed thanks to the Easylock system by means of a power tool or socket. Fuel saving up to 20% in comparison with knife tines.
  • Heavy duty rigid torsion-free geartrough with flanged lid, large diameter shafts and bearings as well as a large spacing between the top and bottom bearings.
  • Geartrough completely sealed to ensure no contamination of the drive gear lubrication, incorporating self lubricating, double sealed, heavy duty bearings.
  • Patented spring-loaded rotor guard: stones and other objects are pushed down and can pass through the rotating tines.
  • Foldable floating soil deflector: working width = transport width.
  • Floating system: if necessary, the Roterra power harrow can break out upwards independently from the roller. The roller continues to follow the ground.
  • Rigid portal headstock: centre of gravity is positioned closely to the tractor, makes working with a less powerful tractor possible.
  • Rotor speed: quickly and easily changeable gears.
  • Compact engineered: headstock and support frame suitable lo mount secondary equipment like seed drills or planters, oflers seeding or planting in one pass.

  • For the Roterra 300 and 350 the heavy linkage of the 400/450-45 has be ordered if also the headstock of the 55 series is ordered (article number 705-930-057).
  • For machines without central drive (45 series) which are used in combination with a seed drill a shearpin automat lulipmatic is recommended.
  • Shearpin automat Tulipmatic is recommended in soil with stones.
  • The mentioned powers are measured on the PTO-shaft.
  • Between 2002 and 2010 the Roterra 350/400/450-45 were sold under the name 35 series.

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