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The Cimbria Rotocleaner is an efficient and rugged rubble separator for all types of grain and maize. The machine has a high capacity for pre-cleaning grains etc. with a high moisture and impurity content. It is usually positioned at the intake point of a plant and requires only a minimum of supervision and maintenance.

The Rotocleaner is a totally enclosed dustproof steel machine with all movable parts fully guarded. The cleaning process is made effective by means of three rotary drums ensuring an absolutely steady and vibrationless operation.

The grain enters the inlet feeding over the full working width of the machine and runs on to three specially developed reels provided with pockets to accept the grain. The grain is subsequently carried through to the air recirculation system. Coarse particles not accepted by the pockets fall into the coarse product outlet.

The enclosed adjustable aspiration system draws across the full width of the machine all light particles such as chaff, shells and dust from the free falling grain. The aspirated coarse impurities are then deposited into the expansion chamber and discharged by means of a built-in screw conveyor. All light particles are removed through a slot across the full machine width and fed to the same outlet via a mini cyclone.

The Rotoclean is available in three sizes with capacities from 75 to 150 tonnes grain per hour.

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