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- Omnifill Tray Filler



The Omnifill trayfiller is the most recent addition to our catalogue of trayfillers.


It looks similar to the KV98 but the inners of the machine are completely different, and is said to produce the most even fill of any tray filling machine Demtec have produced to date.

  • Capable of handling trays or pots up to 45cm wide and 30cm tall.
  • Adjustable density of fill using a pressing screw.
  • Both soil supply and tray conveyor belt are adjustable in speed.
  • Excess soil is recycled by an auger that travels back into the hopper.
  • Adjustable pressing cylinder on the exit belt to alter density of filling.
  • There is a rotating cylindrical brush unit at exit for final finishing.
  • The machine can be used on its own or as part of an existing line.
  • It can be fitted with swivel wheels or legs for use in a fixed position.

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