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Principle of the rotor pumpRotor Pump is also named roots pump, colloidal pump,high concentration pump,etc,It depends on two synchronic rotators.The two rotators are driven

Rotor Pump is also named roots pump, colloidal pump,high concentration pump,etc,It depends on two synchronic rotators.The two rotators are driven by a pair of outer-set synchronic gear boxes and the transmission shaft .They move synchronically in counter-clockwise directions.Which consequently,builds up high vacuum capacity and emission pressure.The two rotators divider the rotator room into many smaller parts and the works according to Ⅰ→Ⅱ→Ⅲ→Ⅳ(as below). When it revolves to positionⅠ,only entrance if filled with medium;when it revolves to positionⅡencloses part of the medium,when arriving at position Ⅲ,room Ⅲencloses medium,and finally it goes to position Ⅳ,then entrance and export housing are interlinked and the medium is transported to the ourlet. As this process is repeated,medium is to be gone out by unfailing transportation.

  1. All parts of the pump, touching transporting materials, is made of stainless steel according to the sanitation standard. Its airproof parts adopt innocuity latex.
  2. The pollution for transporting materials is avoided by both streamline structure of rotor and rotor room without dead center and nonmetal parts.
  3. Be fit for cleaning with CIP and steam sterilization on the spot, meeting the American criterion of FDA and GMP entirely.
  4. Be fit for transporting liquid of bubbles, high viscosity and consistency and with any grain medium especially. The materials transported by the pump keep original character without and physical and chemical reaction.
  5. Adopt dynamic and static ring-shaped mechanical airproof, swash with water directly, enduring high pressure, without leakage and not easy to abrase.
  6. Small cubaque, heavy flow, high pressure of head of delivery. Be fit for the quantified transportation of long distant and high resistance.
  7. Pump impeller and transmission gears are separated ,while every parts in the pump room keep certain space, without interference one another,low noise,high reliability ,long time use,energy saving.
  8. Having been dep;oyed by a transducer,the pump can adjust flux,and it also can be used as a measure pump.
  9. The mixture of vapour,liquid and solid can be transported,and the medium under 1000000CP viscosity or oar materials with 55% solid can be also transported.
  10. 1The product has the feature of compact in frame,steady in performance,facilitated in operatin and low costs for operation.

  • Food Industry:Milk, yoghourt, butter, ice-cream, chocolate, jelly, jam, syrup, beer, soft drinks, fruit juice,pudding, tomato sauce, sesame, peanut butter, condiment,edible oil, cheese blocks, whey,wort, yeast,Etc.
  • Daily Chemicals:Face cream, shampoo, detergent, hand sanitizer, skin gel, detergent, cosmetics,skin cream,toothpaste, hair dye, soap,shoe polish, glycerol, fatty alcohol , hair gel, ETC.
  • Chenical Industry:Gasoline, diesel, kerosene, crude oil, sludge, asphalt, paint, pigment, dyes, coating material,catalyzer, leather, fat solvents,resins, silicone oil, adhesives,latex, colloida material, and other colloidal subst, Etc.
  • Pharmacy Industry:Health care products, pharmaceutical, vaccine, biological products, syrup, slurry, protein,royal jelly, extracts, emulsions, pills slurry, fish meal, pollen, etc.
  • Enviromental Protection:Mud,manure, fertilizer solution, sewage, sludge, toxic agents,Etc.
  • Constructio Industry:Indoor / outdoor wall coating, paints, coatings, resins, organic solvents, water proof coating,ceramic coating, paint coating, ceramic glazing, Etc.
  • Others:Nano-materials, patermaking, textile, plastic, biochemical, coal industry, Etc.


  1. The motor power should be increased when delivering high viscosity liquid,and adopts stepless speed regulator or frequency transformer to adjust the speed;
  2. The flow in tile table fefers to the aata tested taking water as the medium;
  3. You can choose Hoop / thread and flange.

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