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Rototilt gives state-of-the-art competence Rototilt makes it possible to rotate and tilt buckets and other tools in one complete movement. The excavator is converted into a full-fledged tool carrier that can perform completely new types of tasks. The machine's field of application is broadened, at the same time as the job goes quicker and the result is improved. Quite simply, you get more out of your machine.

Precision in every movement

With Rototilt, you can maneuver around posts, rocks, or other obstacles and along ditch edges. You can work over, under, and around all types of obstructions or infra-structure. You excavate and leave the work site exactly as the customer wants using any attachments or tools required for the job.

Tough construction

Rototilt is the robust tilt rotator that stands up to really tough conditions. The secret lies in the single-piece cast rotor housing, the highest quality components and meticulous production control.

There is a choice of 5 model Rototilt from 3 ton to 30 ton Excavator

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