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The new contender, ROTTNE H11 6WD in a 6-wheel design, with an articulated steering joint for thinning and final felling. Powerful engine, hydrostatic transmission and articulated frame joint give ROTTNE H11 6WD excellent off-road performance and precise tracking. The harvester cab offers superb operator comfort and excellent visibility over the work area. This is further improved if the harvester is equipped with a swivelling and levelling cab with built-in suspension system, Comfort Line.

The articulated steered harvester ROTTNE H11 works smoothly and agreeably and is superb on steep terrain.

The hydrostatic transmission with two mechanical gear stages works with a high tractive force and gives ROTTNE H11 6WD excellent operating characteristics. This is further enhanced by the small turning radius that the machine requires.

The new loader RC185 is designed and developed for the ROTTNE H11 series.

RC185 is a parallel loader that has a very powerful slewing base with tilt function and extremely high torque. The loader arms are available in two versions depending on the size of the head. In the standard design with a single telescope, the range is a full 10.3 metres and with a smaller head and double telescope the reach becomes 11.3 metres. Productive and powerful!

The modern harvester cab offers superb operator comfort.

Air sprung seat, wide armrests and individually adjustable lever panels are some of the features in the new ROTTNE H11 cab.
The operator has fantastic visibility if the swivelling and levelling cab is chosen, which is controlled automatically via the D5 computer or manually with joysticks. Automatic cab swivelling means that the cab gradually follows the loader’s swing movement to the left or right sides. ROTTNE H11 can also be supplemented with Comfort Line, which means that vibrations are reduced further.

Serviceability is an important factor during development work on all ROTTNE machines.

Downtime can prove expensive for machine owners and good service access can significantly reduce the time needed for servicing, repairs and cleaning. The entire engine compartment can be accessed easily by tilting the engine hood back while an electric motor tilts the oil tanks and filter pack to one side, which releases the entire hydraulic and transmission system. The distribution box with fuses and relays, and computers, are well positioned for easy access.

A machine control system that provides a good overview of the machine’s functions

The ROTTNE D5 machine control system is based on CAN bus technology and controls and monitors the engine, transmission and loader. A number of control units are located on the machine close to the functions to be controlled and communicate with the main computer. Settings, monitoring and troubleshooting are performed via the 15″ colour touch screen combined for D5 and Forester bucking system. The screen is mounted in front of the operator. Alarms are indicated by visual and audible signals and are displayed in clear text on the display.

ROTTNE Forester is a new reliable and upgraded bucking system.

Forester is the new generation of bucking system which fulfills the requirements of StanForD 2010. The cab features a large, clear 15″ touch screen and a keyboard in front of the operator, as well as a printer that is integrated into the ceiling panel. The screen displays length and diameter as well as other information on the tree currently being processed by the harvester head. Easy generation of production reports.


A quick and versatile harvester head, designed for minimal friction and maximum production. The low weight in combination with its compact dimensions ensure smooth and easy positioning, regardless of the space and makes it an ideal harvester head for thinning.
The harvester head reaches its top capacity in stands with a b.h.d. of 10-25 cm, but also handles coarser stems in an efficient manner. It is in every sense – an immense small harvester head.


Is a highly productive all-round harvester head, designed for minimal friction and maximum production. Designed for varying tasks and offering excellent characteristics for both light thinning as well as lighter final felling.
The compact dimensions in combination with perfect limbing down to 30 mm means that light thinning can be performed quickly and efficiently with the highest quality. For heavy felling, the smart LogHold and proportionally angled feed rollers create a harvester head with impressive stem holding and maximum production. SP561 is certainly compact, broad and versatile.
The harvester head reaches its top capacity with stems with a b.h.d. of 15 to 35 cm, but it also efficiently handles coarser stems thanks to the LF principle.

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