Roughage Intake Control System (RCI)



The RIC (Roughage Intake Control) system provides researchers at institutes and experimental farms with a wealth of valuable information and the system is extremely labour saving.

The RIC system enables you to monitor and influence the individual feed intake behaviour of bovines. The Windows based RIC management software offers comprehensive extended potential for analysis and research. The data can be stored in ASCII files to establish a link-up with other software for further processing.

How the system works

The RIC system consists of a feeding gate that identifies the animal, gives or denies it access to the RIC trough and records the visiting time. If you use an RIC feeding trough, you can also record the feed intake after every visit. This enables you to measure exactly how much an animal has eaten from a certain feed type per visit. You can offer as many as four different feed types. The water intake can also be recorded with the help of a specially designed water trough, which is filled up automatically.

Weight control

 The weight of a cow can be an important indicator in feed intake studies. This is why Insentec has developed a weighing system with various application possibilities, enabling an animal’s daily weight data to be monitored. The RIC system can be combined with a walk-through weighing station or a weighing floor in the concentrate feeding station. 

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