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Round Feeder


Pan is made of stainless steel, so hygienic and long life. Able to be installed in the middle of pigs' room and accommodate many pigs. Minimal feed waste. No caking by pigs' dabbling. No waste of feed and water even in the summer . No needs for extra work except controlling the amount.


Newly developed Round feeder in 2000.

A common structural problem of the round feeder occurred when the tube outlet became blocked by soaked feed due to condensation caused by temperature gaps between the steel and the air, along with water splashing from the nipple.

After much thought and testing we discovered that while pigs eat, they turn the bar that we put on the round plate and this plate scratches the inside of the outlet automatically. In doing this, the device makes the feed come out more uniformly. Controlling feed amounts is also more convenient.

Feedback on our feeders has shown that even using it for 70-80 pigs, they grow uniformly and with much less poor growth.

We hold the patents and farmers using this feeder feel it is the best round feeder in the world.

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