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Rovabioh is a range of enzyme preparations (Excel and Max) that improves the digestibility of raw materials from vegetal origin for animals, poultry and hogs. It improves animal performance and contributes to a better breeding environment. A multi-species, multi-ingredient and multi-application solution, Rovabio appears to be the most versatile enzymatic product on the market.

Crops used as feed ingredients contain Non Starch Polysaccharides (NSP). NSPs in monogastric diets have an anti-nutritive effect, which manifests in wet droppings and the poor use of nutrients available in the feed. Along with the loss of feed digestibility and nutrient absorption, a high level of NSP in animal feed leads to the excessive output of nitrogen and phosphorus, which is a crucial environmental problem in densely populated regions.

By using Rovabio®, animal feed professionals such as feed millers, premixers and integrators reap several benefits:

1. Improved animal performance

Rovabio® improves feed digestibility, resulting in more available energy, protein and amino acids, together with enhanced growth for the animal.

2. Better rearing conditions

The inclusion of Rovabio® in the animal’s diet leads to reduced ammonia emissions, resulting in a healthier environment for both animals and people involved in animal husbandry. The reduction in wet droppings leads to cleaner eggs in layer operations and less slurry in pig production.

3. Flexibility in feed formulation

Rovabio® is a versatile enzyme solution that offers flexibility in feed formulation. It expands the range of raw materials that can be used in feed formulation, enables the use of greater levels of certain essential raw materials and is effective in both poultry and swine.

Thanks to Adisseo’s expertise in the area of enzymes and its unequalled range of services, Rovabio® Excel, Rovabio T-Flex andRovabio® Max are benchmark products in the NSP enzymes market. Adisseo will continue to innovate in enzymes and to propose quality products that are adapted to all customers.

Rovabio® Excel is a feed additive containing a combination of 19 active enzymes produced by only one non-genetically modified fungus (Penicillium funiculosum). As such, these enzymes are naturally compatible, offering optimal stability and efficacy. This combination of enzymes works synergistically for the degradation Non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) present in feedstuffs.

NSP hydrolysis leads to a breakdown of the cell walls, which entails the following consequences:

  • Reduction of intestinal viscosity (limiting nutrient absorption)
  • Easier access of endogenous enzymes (amylases, proteases, lipases, etc.) to the nutrients.

At the same time, this reduced intestinal viscosity results in lower water intake by the animals, which has a positive impact on litter quality.

There are several advantages to a versatile enzymatic solution for our customers:

Simplicity. The user stores and handles a single product, which reduces inventory costs. Moreover, Rovabio® Excel is very easy to use, since a single dosage will work in all feed compositions.
Flexibility. Rovabio® Excel is not only versatile, but also flexible. Rovabio is a unique product that offers the unique advantage of “One Enzyme, All Animals, and All Grains”. Accordingly, Rovabio® Excel can be used in corn, wheat and barley-based diets and there is no need to order another “cereal-specific” product.
Security. Using Rovabio® Excel prevents nutritionists from making errors in the event of frequent changes in feed formulation to include alternative cost-effective ingredients or in the event of supply shortages. Moreover, the enzyme inventory is kept fresh to meet the high standards of the field service staff, customers and animals. It also minimizes label compliance difficulties or errors.

Rovabio® Excel exists in two forms: Rovabio® Excel AP (powder) and Rovabio® Excel LC (liquid). Both forms are equally effective.

T-Flex is an exclusive and innovative technology developed to guarantee the benefits of 19 synergetic Rovabio® enzyme activities in pelleted feed. The T-Flex technology is based on an innovative micronic process and formulation, resulting in coated particles that are more resistant to thermo-attrition (erosion by friction) during the pelleting process. This innovative coating technology guarantees the coated product’s improved resistance in feeds pelleted at high temperatures (up to 90°C) while maintaining the same bioavailability and efficacy as Rovabio® Excel.

Using Rovabio® T-FLEX guarantees the benefit of 19 synergetic Rovabio® enzyme activities in the greatest part of the pelleting processes.

Rovabio MAX is the combination of Rovabio Excel with a selected phytase that provides up to 70 kcal NE/kg feed and 0,15% AVP. This ambitious matrix has been demonstrated several times in performance trials all over the world. In addition to being ambotious, it is a realistic and reliable matrix. Like Rovabio Excel, Rovabio Max is easy to use, with a single dosage for all species. What makes Rovabio MAX so efficient is the synergic actions of the two enzyme types: Carbohydrases from Rovabio Excel remove the “cage effect” and decrease gut viscosity to enable animal enzymes to access nutrients and, for added phytase, to access phytate. For maximum feed savings, the best solution is to reformulate feeds with Rovabio to achieve higher energy and amino acid digestibility, together with increased phosphorus availability. Adisseo is delighted that all of its invetments are generating feed cost savings for customers. Furthermore, Adisseo is proud to reduce the environmental impact of pig production.

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