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- Model MEKVS Series - In-Line Vertical Multi-Stage Electric Pumps



Constructed in pressed AISI 304 stainless steel, the new Rovatti close-coupled multi-stage centrifugal electric pumps are widely used in water supply and pressure boosting for irrigation, residential and commercial building services, public and industrial applications. These technologically advanced pumps have been developed and manufactured for the efficient and reliable pumping even of corrosive liquids. The monobloc construction with direct coupled motor, consists of high efficiency units with low noise output and reduced overall dimensions. The MEKVS series can be used as a direct replacement for pumps from other leading manufacturers as they have the same footprint and inlet/outlet connection ports.


  • Single and three-phase motors (EFF2 and EFF1 efficiency types) are available, rated from 0.55 kW to 15 kW (0.75Hp to 20 Hp).
  • EFF1 motors offer the highest efficiencies, in the mid 90's range and will, on average, reduce energy losses by up to 40%
  • EFF2 motors which are supplied as standard on the MEKVS series have a lower classification, however, they still produce savings of approximately 20% per year, providing satisfactory efficiency with a minimum price premium.

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