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Row Crop Cultivator


With 30'', 38'', 40'' Spacing. Rigid / Folding Frames Heavy duty and precision row corp cultivation: For all crops, For all soils, Large variety of frames.

  • 180 x 180 RHS steel rigid or folding frame, in different widths.
    Three point mounting, category II and III ( suitable for quick hitching frame).

  • Modular heavy duty cultivating units, between the row crops, fixed with a
    Wide range of optional spring tooth attachment, easy to adjust and operate.

  • Backward 100 x 100 RHS frame, including pair of adjustable depth steel
    Wheels, with steel discks, tracking the tractor's wheels. This option improves
    Stability and enables precisely and closely to row crop, first, second and
    Third cultivation.

  • Pneumatic adjustable depth wheels.

  • Suport flat spring to the spring tooth attachment for tight tracks and hard soils.

  • Adjustable steel depth wheels to be linked on the main frame.

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