Agmechtronix, LLC

Row Crop Thinner


The Agmechtronix Row Crop Thinner (RCT) is capable of thinning row crops such as lettuce using computer machine vision to identify plant locations and a herbicidal spray to eliminate the unwanted plants, replacing the traditional thinning method of hand labor.

  • Thinning is accomplished at speeds of 3-4 MPH.
  • Uses a standard 3-point hitch
  • Requires spray tanks on the tractor. The remainder of the plumbing is all mounted on the machine.
  • The entire spray system is comprised of off-the-shelf components allowing for quick and easy replacement of parts and minimum downtime.
  • A touch screen is mounted in the cab and allows the operator to monitor the machine and make any necessary adjustments.
  • It is available in any configuration to match your planter (number of rows/seed lines).
  • Multiple patents are currently pending on the machine.

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