Rowse Hydraulic Rakes Company

- Ultimate V-Rake


Rowse has taken the features of its previous V-Rake Models and has designed the Ultimate V-Rake that is more maneuverable, more flexible, and gets more hay into the windrow. 

  • Flexible Frame Design
  • Poly Windguard
  • Hydraulic Windrow Adjustment
  • Large Diameter Rake Wheel
  • Hub Guard
  • Poly Sleeve Slide

Whether you are raking hay on smooth or rough terrain, the Ultimate V-Rake will provide you with years of quality and reliable raking. You can also rake corners more effectively and turn two windrows individually.

  • Largest sizes cover approximately 47'
  • Rear width adjustable from 3 1/2' to over 20'
  • Optional rubber mounted teeth for more hay with less dirt and rock
  • Optional center kicker wheels
  • Exceptionally flexible and easily adjustable for transport

  • Available in 16, 20, 22 and 24 wheel sizes with tine wheels 
  • Available in 17, 19, 25, and 27 wheel sizes with rubber mounted teeth

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