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- Model 28 S/30 K - Self Loading Wagon



Unique loading technology for economic operation. Silage and loading trailer with double rotor system

TOP Engineering

2 rotors        a) cutting      b) loading

with 41 knives

TOP Loading

  • fast and easy pick-up of material with extra wide pick-up (1.90 m)
  • maximum quantitative throughput 

TOP Feed quality

double rotor system no damage to the material consistent quality of chopped materialTOP Feed quality

With the Royal, you will pickup large quantities of feed from fields and difficult wet terrain quickly Optionally, the Royal can be equipped with wide tires. These tires, with their wide contact surface and large diameter, guarantee critical stability as well as good pulling qualities on the silo and in the fields.
The Royal 30 K without dosing rollers has a capacity of approx. 50 m3 at medium compression.

With the wind guard roller (optional) uneven swaths will be easily picked up without losses caused by wind and the pickup (as seen here on the Royal 21S). Fold-away equipment increases the versatility.

The spacious one, the Royal 26 K offers the manoeuvrability of the 24 K with larger volume, 16 to chassis and standard DLB system. A low drawbar is optionally available. All vehicles can be equipped with 600 tires (22.5').
All models are equipped with a high-quality 4-spring tandem chassis. This offers high stability, driving comfort and good pulling qualities (11-161).

All Royal S models can be equipped with a hydraulically driven cross conveyor belt for stall feeding or filling of tower silos. When not in use, it is easily slipped under the vehicle.

Important cutting unit functions can be operated comfortably from the side of the vehicle.
The 41 knives, which are organised in one row can be replaced and the cutting unit cleaned, without the use of tools, in approx. 5-8 minutes. Each knife is individually protected against damage from foreign objects. The cutting length of 34 mm guarantees chopping quality.

By actuating the mechanical knife pre-selection (0-41)the cut length of the material can be adapted to meet requirements. The precisely cut feed is quickly transferred to the press rotor (pre-compacting). Because of the separation of the two processes, there is no load peak. This means, that crushing of the material is not possible.

With the BERGMANN 2 rotor loading system the cutting and pressing processes are separated from each other. The design and rotational speed of both rotors are so well synchronised that no damage to the material can occur. The cutting rotor with its four spiral rows of tines (0 590 mm) means less leverage = less power needed) transports the material evenly to the 41 knives. A second rotor, equipped with 2 rows of tines conveys the already cut material carefully into the bin with optimal compression.

Aggressive tines on the dosing rollers distribute the material on the horizontal silo quickly and evenly without constrictions. The dosing rollers switch on automatically when the tailgate is opened. The drive is proctected by a separate clutch.

The solidly constructed rear wall swings open completely to allow the material to be unloaded quickly without contrictions (K-models)

The standard sraper floor control with visual level indicator provides for interference free loading (S-models).

The double rotor unit is driven by a special, sturdy HD roller chain. The automatic lubrication system, which is standard equipment, guarantees a long sen/ice life and dependability.
All necessary functions are located on a clearly arranged control panel which is within the tractor drivers reach.

The auto-load (optional) simplifies the loading operation and makes the drivers job easier.
Standard sracper floor control (K-models)

Standard sracper floor control (K-models)

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