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A technological advance in flower processing. Productive bunching and sorting of flowers with a minimum of human labour


Existing machines and techniques couldn’t meet the demands posed by a consortium of Gerbera growers and Havatec bv: processing 10,000 Gerberas per hour with a maximum of 2 people feeding the flowers into the machine, including a choice of sorting by bloom diameter or stem length. This allowed them to kill two birds with one stone: lower costs at the nursery on the one hand, and better quality control of the delivered product, with a more flexible response to the client’s wishes, on the other

The Royalstar-B2 has proved itself to be a no-nonsense workhorse that allows you to count, bundle, and sort by stem length or bloom diameter, with a capacity of 10,000 flowers per hour.

Compared to other bunching machines, the Royalstar-B2 boasts 3 new technologies:

AFP technology
AFP stands for Automatic Flower Positioning.
This technology allows flowers to be fed into the machine in groups of 7 to 10, after which the machine ensures that each flower is given its own position. This saves a lot of work and that’s what it’s all about!

FSB technology
FSB stands for Full Speed Bunching
This technology allows flowers to be continually bunched by a single bunching station, at full speed, without pause between one bunch and the next.

CC technology
CC stands for Compact Camera
This technology enables the Gerberas to be measured in a compact configuration at one position in the machine, by 2 cameras, for stem length, stem curvature and bloom diameter.
The Royalstar-B2 includes the following components

Central transport section
The central transport carries the Gerberas through the entire machine. From the in-feed stations, the flowers are accepted by the central transport and guided through the central camera compartment, after which they enter the bunching lanes where the flowers can be retrieved. Any rejected Gerberas are guided to the refuse station.

Two in-feed stations
The machine contains 2 so-called in-feed stations where the flowers can be fed in.
With one person and 1 in-feed station, 6,000 flowers per hour can be fed in.
With two people and 2 in-feed stations, 10,000 flowers per hour can be fed in.
The flowers can be fed in easily, directly from the buckets.

Camera compartment, sort option
A double camera station inspects the flowers on the basis of bloom diameter, stem length and curvature. You can decide what will be done with the results.
Normally, the measurements are used both for sorting and to automatically guide Gerberas with stems that are too short or too curved to the refuse station. Sorting can be done in 2 ways:

By stem length
For example, to produce bunches of 50 cm and 45 cm at the same time.
The longer stems go automatically to the bunching station for 50 cm, and the shorter stems are guided to the bunching station for 45 cm.

By diameter
With this sorting feature, you have just what you need to appear “under the auction clock” with a beautiful, uniform product. Large bloom diameters are guided to bunching lane 1 and smaller bloom diameters to lane 2.

2 Bunching lanes

  • Each bunching lane consists of the following components:
  • The cutting module in which Gerberas are cut to length
  • The FSB unit in which the flowers are laid at high speed on
  • The pocket conveyor, which includes 2 binding stations
  • Buffer lane for 10 bunches
  • The Royalstar-B2 contains thus 4 binding stations in total.

Refuse station

At the refuse station, any rejected flowers are automatically removed from the machine and thrown into a refuse container.

Touch screen

  • The machine is operated through use of the touch screen. Settings that can be made from the touch screen include:
  • Starting, stopping, turning off the machine
  • Number of stems in each bundle
  • Sorting parameters (stem length, bloom diameter)
  • Reject parameters (minimum length, maximum curvature, minimum diameter)
  • Selection buttons for sort choice: by diameter or by stem length
  • Maintenance mode

Control cabinet

The control cabinet contains all of the electronic components.

The machine is enclosed with panels on all sides.
Because these panels provide sound-insulation, the machine is relatively quiet, and therefore environmentally friendly in operation.

Technical specifications

The Royalstar-B2 requires a 16 A, 5 wire connection: 3 phases, with neutral and earth.
The Royalstar-B2 requires connection to an air compressor with an air dryer: the machine requires dry air.

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