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- Model 9300 - Aquaculture Pond Monitoring System



Reliant Water Technologies is the exclusive distributor of the Royce Technologies Model 9300 Pond Monitoring System. The original, and most successful, automated pond monitoring dissolved oxygen monitoring and control system for aquaculture grow-out ponds. There are over 4000 of these systems in use today.

The system is made up of the Model 9300 Buoy Control Monitor and the Sensing Buoy that incorporates the Reliant Model 20 galvanic DO sensor. Automatic sensor cleaning is a chemical process that occurs once every 12 minutes, all controlled from the Model 9300 Controller, which is mounted on the lagoon or aeration basin handrail. Automatic sensor recalibration occurs once per day, at a time that is programmed into the controller by the user.

The 9300 pond monitoring System’s Sensing Buoy is made from rugged schedule 80 PVC and can be either floated away from a lagoon bank or hard mounted from the handrails of an aeration basin. The only moving parts inside the buoy are two small DC powered pumps that move water through a unique polymer manifold during the sampling and calibration processes. Service of the buoy system is minimal, usually required only once per year.

  • Sensor cleaned automatically for up to 12 months
  • Sensor automatically calibrated daily
  • Automatic control of aerators, alarms and other devices – Up to four outputs
  • A backlit display provides both DO and temperature readings
  • Self-diagnosing electronics with automatic built in buoy test protocols
  • 16 day data logging
  • Sensing buoy utilizes only 2 moving parts which are completely sealed
  • Buoy utilizes a unique guard system against the intake of solids

  • Reliant Water Model 20 DO sensor (replaces the Royce Model 95A sensor)
  • Reliant 2 mil Teflon membranes Qty of 25
  • Galvanic DO sensor electrolyte16 oz bottle
  • Buoy Chlor Tablets14 tablets
  • Royce buoy pump
  • 7-conduction Royce buoy cable
  • Royce Model 9300 Mother Board
  • Royce Model 9300 Processor Board
  • Royce Model 9300 Daughter Board
  • Royce Model 9300 Face Plant

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