Model R - Quick-Adjust Feeder



Feeder models available: Finish Feeder, Wean to Finish, Sight Guards, and Wet/Dry (with Sight Guard dividers). Constructed entirely of the highest quality 304 stainless steel. Also available in 439 stainless steel and in the Hybrid option (304 and 439). Allows for easy and specific instructions to your confinement personnel for feed flow adjustment. One easy adjustment per side with one-bar quick adjust. 16 positive-lock feed positions. Rolled edge agitator for strength. Edges are rolled for maximum  strength and easy cleaning. Double welded for long life. Shipped fully assembled. Available with or without feed tube holder. Available in single or double sided. The fixed shelf design of our Smildey™ Wet/Dry feeder allows you to have the same precise  adjustment as our dry feeder. The largest setting on our adjustment allows for easy cleaning of the shelf while the smallest setting allows the feed flow to be shut completely off.

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