Model RS 280 - Crusher



Specialist in breeding equipment for over 60 years SKIOLD- ACEMO has emerged over time as one of the best specialists in the food preparation equipment. Economic constraints related to advancement of knowledge in animal nutrition make use of the flattened cereals increasingly widespread in our farms. Based on the experience with thousands of flattening, SKIOLD- ACEMO developed the RS 280 – 2 rolls trained to provide to breeders a solution combining robustness and economy : mechanical design and major components (rollers, shafts, bearings) are the same as those that have been proven over the RS 380.

  • 2 rollers cast iron ø 312 width. 170 mm (1 smooth, 1 grooved)
  • Training of 2 rolls per 3 phased electricmotor 380V 1500rpm and poly-V belt.
  • Sturdy welded frame made of thickmetal plate.
  • Gap setting very specificmounting roller bearings on eccentric
  • Sheetmetal hopper withmagnet against foreign objects– capacity 150L
  • Throughput control by sliding hatch.
  • Square flanged output 155.
  • 2 legs welded giving clearance under flattening a height of 880mm. Also available with full frame.
  • Electrical box optional
  • Automatic stop sensor option

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