Riberi F.lli snc

Riberi F.lli snc

- Model RS/75/RB/SB - Self Loading Forage Harvesters


Riberi towed self-loading forage harvesters have a unique chassis made of very robust steel tubes, which ensures the machine stability and ability to withstand the loads imposed by transportation. The rotary cutting bar has two drums that oscillate independently of the chassis. Its height can be adjusted to ensure perfect cutting of any type of fodder even over uneven ground. The bin behind the rotor allows fodder to be collected or cut on the ramp so that it does not touch the ground, for maximum cleanliness.

Fodder is loaded by means of two ramps with two chains and forks that move the fodder to the bin without damaging it. The ramp is fitted with toothed knives that cut the fodder to make off-loading easier. Off-loading takes place via a chain belt that runs on the loading platform.

The machine has a built-in hydraulic pump that is driven by the transmission coupling on the tractor, and a distributor with levers that operate the drawbar making it easy to manoeuvre from the driver's seat. This means that all the machine movements can be controlled by the operator without any difficulty.

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