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Model RSR - Inline Subsoiler Ripper



Mainframe constructed of tough, high-strength 7' (178mm) x 7' (178mm) x 3/8' (1 Omm) welded rectangular tubing. Up to 24' (610mm) maximum depth of penetration. Bolt-on shanks and coulters permit quick changes in spacing when desirable. Deep soil mulching action reduces water erosion and helps the farmer field produce the highest yield possible while complying with today's strict conservation and erosion regulations.
Keeps moist soil beneath the surface and away from the sun and wind. Provides a deep, clean 'slice' that breaks up hardpan to increase water intake, reduce water runoff and enhance root structure environment for  superior crop growth-Shear bolt protection-Gauge wheels assure accurate penetration control in shallow or deep applications. Fits the Three Point Hitch - Category III, 4-N to make transportation between jobs easier.

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