Model RT200 - Trencher



Boost productivity and reduce maintenance with the RT200.  Ideal for electrical contractors, cable and telephone installers, irrigation professionals, and rental stores, the greaseless, composite headshaft pivot bushings and hydrostatic drive help keep you on the job longer.

  • Gets you up and running quickly with easy-to-learn color-coded controls.
  • Cuts through tough soils with a reliable 23 hp/17 kW Kohler engine.
  • Steers easily by employing hydrostatic ground-drive and twin wheel motors.
  • Promotes on-the-job safety with an operator-presence system that disengages the trencher and ground drives if the operator leaves the controls, plus a trenching cleat that restricts backward motion.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.

The Vermeer® RT200 is the total solution for small contractors, rental operations, electrical contractors, cable and telephone installers, and irrigation professionals. Reduced maintenance time and cost play a big roll in the RT200 design. Greaseless, composite headshaft pivot bushings provide a durable and cost-effective alternative to oil/grease seals, gearboxes and machined surfaces. A hydraulic oil cooler helps maintain production by controlling oil viscosity. Convenient service points eliminate the removal of shielding for changing fluids or filters. Greater headshaft, bearings, frame and auger longevity are attained through standard outboard bearing support.

With durable steel shielding, a costefficient reversible boom, an operator-presence system, easy-to-learn and color-coded controls, and park brake, the RT200 is the answer to your walk-behind trenching projects.

Maintenance time and cost is reduced through the use of a fully hydrostatic trencher-drive that eliminates all belts, pulleys and gears.

Hydrostatic ground drive and twin wheel motors eliminate the need for locking differentials while maintaining maneuverability.

A powerful, 23 hp (17.2 kW) Kohler engine combines durable and reliable operation with high horsepower for impressive jobsite results.


Weight: 1485 lb (673.6 kg)
Length: 79' (200.7 cm)
Width: 36' (91.4 cm)
Height (basic unit): 37.5' (95.3 cm)
Wheel base: 46' (116.8 cm)


Trench width: 4', 6', 8' (10.2 cm, 15.2 cm, 20.3 cm)
Trench depth: 30', 36', 42', 48' (76.2 cm, 91.4 cm, 106.7 cm, 121.9 cm)
Cutters: Cup, rotary, shark, combo
Digging chain tensile strength: 34,000 lb (15,422.1 kg)


Model: Kohler Command CH-23 (gas)
Number of cylinders: 2
Cooling medium: Air
Bore: 3.15' (8 cm)
Stroke: 2.64' (6.7 cm)
Displacement: 41.1 cu in (674 cu cm)
Gross hp: 23 hp (17.2 kW)
Air cleaner: Dry, pre-cleaner
Max engine operating angle*: 25°
Fuel-tank capacity: 5 gal (18.9 L)
Engine oil capacity: .5 gal (1.9 L)
*Engine operating angles do not indicate safe machine operating angles.

Hydraulic System

Pump type: Hydrostatic
Ground-drive pump flow: 9.5 gpm (36 L/min)
Attachment pump flow: 18.5 gpm (70 L/min)
Filtration: 3 micron nominal
Hydraulic oil-tank capacity: 8 gal (30.3 L)
Hydraulic oil-system capacity: 8.5 gal (32.2 L)


Tire (standard) 23' x 8.5' - 12 (58.4 cm x 21.6 cm) lug
Tire (optional) 23' x 10.5' - 12 (58.4 cm x 26.7 cm) turf
Transport speed (forward): 120 fpm (36.6 m/min)
Transport speed (reverse): 84 fpm (25.6 m/min)


Dual tail-wheel

Attachment Specifications


Weight: 55 lb (24.9 kg)
RPM: 340 rpm
Rod lengths: 5', 10', 20' (1.5 m, 3 m, 6.1 m)

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