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Model RT490 - Combine


The RT490 is a new 490 hp Class VIII combine from Versatile. True to the heritage of Versatile, the RT490 was designed to be rugged, reliable and simple to maintain and service.At the core of the Versatile RT490 is the revolutionary Rotating Concave Rotary System. A 360° concave wraps around a large rotor and counter-rotates. The counter rotation of the concave in relation to the rotor creates an unsurpassed threshing and separating area. Three separate “pinch points” are created during each rotor revolution allowing the grain to be threshed three times in each rotation.

4-Stage Feeder House
The unique inclined chamber replaces the traditional feeder housing with four feeding beaters. It provides a considerable increase in processing stability and combine productivity. The crop is accelerated through the feeder housing as each beater increases in speed to prevent plugging and allow a uniform layer to enter the rotor.

Stone Protection
The RT490 has a large stone trap to protect the combine’s critical components. The rock trap can be cleaned out easily with the handle on the left hand side of the feeder housing.

The RT490 separates itself from traditional rotary combines by utilizing a Rotating Concave Rotary system. A 360° concave counter rotates to the rotor at 8 rpm.

The moving concave eliminates the traditional “dead zone” found in typical rotary systems. The grain is threshed three times in each rotation, which increases throughput and provides a cleaner grain sample. The moving concave is self-cleaning.

The rotor system allows the RT490 to be more productive in high-yield fields and in difficult crop conditions than competitive units with a stationary concave.

Rotating Concave Advantages
In rotary combines with a stationary concave the concave area is not fully utilized which reduces the productivity parameters and causes concave clogging in its upper section due to the “dead zone.” The concave on the Versatile RT490 combine, rotating in the direction opposite to the rotor, ensures that the entire thresher/separator area is utilized. Such rotation prevents the twisting into a strand and provides for concave self-cleaning.

Three-Point Threshing System
The concave has three threshing sections allowing the threshing gap to be set in one cross-section. As a result, the crop is threshed three times during one rotor revolution, in contrast with the one-time threshing in traditional rotor designs. This design provides for operation with increased threshing gaps, high-quality threshing and grain separation over the entire diameter.

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