Model RT60 - Mechanical Mini-Trencher



Designed for cable and telephone line installers, irrigation contractors, and rental stores, the RT60 packs plenty of power into a compact, easy-to-use unit. Its 5.5 hp/4.1 kW Honda engine helps you cut trenches quickly.

  • Patent-pending foot pedal ground-drive assist and an innovative trench depth lever deliver efficient trenching.
  • Reduces maintenance with a chain that doesn’t require replacement rotary teeth.
  • Promotes on-the-job safety with an operator presence system that disengages the trencher and ground drives if the operator leaves the controls, plus a trenching cleat that restricts backward motion.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.

The new Vermeer® RT60 mini-trencher is designed specifically for rental stores, cable and telephone line installers, and irrigation contractors. It offers your choice of a 6 HP (4.5 kw) Kohler or a 5.5 HP (4.1 kw) Honda engine in a compact 61' x 24' (155 cm x 61 cm) footprint. It features a host of productivity-enhancing features that set it apart from other trenchers in its class — including a unique trench depth lever, loading handles and a patent-pending, foot pedal ground-drive assist.

Safety and productivity is enhanced through features that include an operator-presence system that disengages the trencher if the operator leaves the controls, a trenching cleat that restricts rearward motion when trenching, and a minimal maintenance digging chain drive.

Trench a straight line and reduce physical labor with help from the patent-pending Vermeer ground-drive system. This system helps the operator create straight, uniform trenches while reducing the labor typically associated with operating small, non-propelled trenchers.

For job site flexibility, the RT60 features an adjustable trench depth lever that allows depths of 4', 8' and 12' (10 cm, 20 cm and 30 cm). The unit’s chainand- boom-style design is superior to wheel trenchers due to its ability to work in wet, sticky conditions — a shark chain eliminates expensive rotary teeth.


Weight: 270 lbs. (122 kg) (w/ ditcher)
Length: 61' (155 cm) (w/ ditcher)
Width: 24' (61 cm)
Height: 41' (104 cm) (transport)
Wheel base: 22' (56 cm)
Tread width: 13' (33 cm)


Trench width: 3' (8 cm)
Trench depth: 4', 8', 12' (10 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm).
Cutters: Shark (welded)
Digging chain tensile strength: 12,300 lbs. (5579 kg)


Model: Kohler CS6TR (gas) or Honda GX160K1HXZ (gas)
Number of cylinders: 1 (both)
Cooling medium: Air (both)
Bore: 2.6' (6.6 cm) (Kohler); 2.7' (6.9 cm) (Honda)
Stroke: 1.97' (5.0 cm) (Kohler); 1.8' (4.6 cm) (Honda)
Displacement: 10.44 cu. in. (171 cc) (Kohler); 9.9 cu. in. (163 cc) (Honda)
Gross HP: 6 HP (4.5 kw) (Kohler); 5.5 HP (4.1 kw) (Honda)
Air cleaner: Dry (both)
Max. engine operating angle: 20° (not a machine stability specification; do not use to determine safe machine operating angle)
Fuel tank capacity: 1 gal. (4 L)
Fuel consumption: Kohler — .5 gal./hr. (1.9 L/hr.) @ 3600 RPM; Honda — .46 gal./hr. (1.7 L/hr.)@ 3600 RPM
Engine oil capacity: Kohler — .63 qt. (.6 L); Honda — .63 qt. (.6 L)


Tire size: 13' x 5' – 6 (33 cm x 13 cm)
Gear reduction transmission oil capacity: Kohler — 5.07 fl. oz. (.15 L); Honda — 5.09 fl. oz. (.15 L)

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