Model RVH-TORO Series - Trailed Roller



The heavy duty trailed roller TORO RVH is designed to consolidate, break up and level the soil surface. If s proposed in 5 types of cast-iron rings of European origin, which is a quality guarantee : Cambridge, Cambridge-Undulated. Undulated. Plain and Croskill. Each ring model is proposed in 6 sizes going from 4.20 m to 9.20 m. All the rollers have 3 elements. The lateral elements are pendular so as to allow the good distribution of the weight and their good adaptation to the unevenness of the ground. The small space between the central element and the 2 lateral ones avoids all slipping risk while making u-tums. And their good overlapping ensures an efficient rolling on all the machine's working width including in the curbs. A simple and limited maintenance, an easy folding system, make the TORO RVH even more attractive. The oversized round shaft, with a 70 mm diameter section in high yield stress steel, ensures very good and safe rolling conditions.

FRAME steel beams 200 x 100 x 10 mm and 150 x 100 x 8 mm sections

  • Transport carriage operated by 1 double-acting ram
  • 60 mm square section axle, 6 bolts
  • Foldable lateral pannels by:


  • Fixed hitch ring
  • Retractable mechanical jack
  • 1 double-acting ram RVH 4.20 m to RVH 8.20 m
  • 2 double-acting rams RVH 9.20 m 9.50 m
  • 2 wheels with 10.0/75 x 15.3 10 ply tyres

RVH 4.20 m to RVH 6.20 m

  • 2 wheels with 10.0/75 x 15.3 14 ply tyres

RVH 7.20 m to RVH 9.50 m
GANGS steel beams 150 x 100 x 8 mm section

  • 1 fixed central element
  • 2 lateral pendular elements
  • Steel 70 mm round section shaft
  • Self aligning roller bearings
  • Adjustable pressure ring for cast iron discs
  • SAFETY mechanical lock for transport

TRANSPORT WIDTH : 2.50 metres
HYDRAULIC CONNECTIONS : 2 double-acting outlets

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