Model RW-8 - Self-Propelled Sprayers



300 gallon stainless steel tank. 30 HP Wisconsin engine. Stainless mechanical agitation. 4 speed transmission. Belt drive

  1. Ten standard models to choose, two and four wheel drive, featuring single or dual operator controls and centered mounted steering.
  2. Heavy duty fiberglass (200-300 gallon) and stainless steel (300-400 gallon) tanks with agitation shaft/paddles.
  3. 18-38 HP air cooled gas engines with electric ignition and neutral safety switch.
  4. Heavy duty square or rectangular tube frame.
  5. V-belt and hydrostatic drive
  6. Heavy duty four speed transmission.
  7. Heavy duty front and rear axles.
  8. Front mount tow bar.
  9. 20 gallon fuel tank – back or side mounts.
  10. Master control valve for complete boom selection.
  11. Hand spray wands for right and left sides.
  12. Adjustable comfort ride seats.
  13. Centrifugal and Diaphragm sprayer pumps.
  14. PVC plumbing-SCH80 pipes with brass hose barbs.
  15. Front and rear start/stops.
  16. Fiberglass belt/chain/agitator guards.
  17. Strainer box with stainless steel filter screen.

  1. 200 to 600 Gallon stainless steel tanks.
  2. 17-85 HP Gas of Diesel engines, air or water cooled.
  3. Power steering.
  4. Full instrumentation.
  5. Pump/Rinse tank.
  6. Row crop and high ground clearance axles.
  7. Four-wheel brakes.
  8. Wide selection of specialty floatation or bar grip tires.
  9. Variety of spray booms and nozzles for all applications.

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