Model RW60,RW72 - Rotary Cutter



All shielding, guards and safety decals musl be in place at all limes while the cutter is in operation Consult OSHA Regulation 1928.57 far f urtner detail.NEVER allow an UNQUALIFIED OR UNDERAGE person to operate Ihe cutter.NEVER allow any person under Ihe Influence of drugs or alcohol, or who is olharwlse Impaired, lo operate the cutter.NEVER operate : i-j cutler whan bystanders are in the immediate vteinity.
N EVER direel ihe discharge of the cutter at bystanders or at the tractor.NEVER operate the cutlet in an area where objects can be thrown by the cutter, Clear areas to be cut o* all foreign objects before cutting.NEVER aJlow passe ng e*s to ride on the cutter or the tractor while the cutter or any other implement 15 operating.NEVER dismount the tractor from the rear .NEVER allow HORSEPLAY m the vicinity or the Iraelor while the cutter is operating.NEVER check the hydraulic system for leaks with dare hands,

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