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Model RW800F - Motor Gearboxes


The RW800F motor gearboxes with mounted frequency controllers are maintenance-free, compact drive units for operating ventilation and screen systems in greenhouses and livestock houses. These motor gearboxes enable a system to be driven at both 'low' (normal) and 'high' speed. These speeds are defined using programmable parameter settings in the frequency controller. The RW800F motor gearboxes are supplied pre-programmed; all parameters of the frequency controller are preset to standard values. Using the optional manual console, these parameters can quickly and easily be adjusted to match operational needs.

The easily-installed RW800F motor gearboxes are controlled (rotational direction and speed) by switching of the digital inputs. This enables the two speeds ('low' and 'high') to be controlled in both directions. Because the electronic components of the frequency controller are sealed in a housing with a high level of protection (IP65), the frequency controller is highly shielded from moisture and vibration. The frequency controllers comply with the EMC directive (class A). The electric motors used as standard tropic-proof and conform to protection class IP55.

The self-braking worm gear reduction of the RW800F motor gearboxes ensures that the drive shaft is braked when the drive is stopped. The combination of carefully matched pinion and worm reductions results in a very quiet mechanical transmission.

The RW800F motor gearboxes feature a patented integrated linear limit switch system with duty and safety switches having excellent switching precision. The maximum switching range of the limit switch system equates to 120 revolutions of the drive shaft. The optional RPU PositioningUnit accurately monitors the current position of a drive system and transmits this data back to your climate computer or controller. This position feedback can also be achieved using an installation set with a potentiometer.
For switching from the 'high' to the 'low' (normal) speed, an external switching signal is required.

The RW800F motor gearboxes are finished in graphite-grey powder coating, and are supplied including fixing bolts and spring washers.

RW800F Motor gearboxes:

  • For use with a 3-phase mains voltage from 400 V to 480 V at 50 Hz and 60 Hz;
  • Suitable for application with LogicLink600 controls;
  • Equipped with relais print for galvanic seperation of control signals (not applicable with LogicLink600);
  • Frequency controller and electric motor carry a C-UL approval mark. ;
  • Suitable for intermittent use under full load, duty class s3-30%, duty cycle maximum 25 minutes;
  • Fitted with 16-tooth 5⁄8'x3⁄8' zinc-plated sprocket for chain couplings;
  • Manual drive enabled by means of a hexagon socket in the electric motor shaft;
  • Other specifications and colours available on request.

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