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Model RX501q - Plug in Receiver Transmitters



The receiver configuration RX501 has a single sampler and is meant to be used in conjunction with the very high power transmitter VHT501. In fact, it is the same sampler used in the transceiver configuration.

The GPR Plug-in receiver RX501

The high performance plug in receiver RX501 is the logical companion for high power transmitters like our VHT501 or the 778 from GSSI Inc. It is designed in a way that it fits into any antenna supporting GSSI compatible plug-in electronics.

One is a lonely number

The high power plug-in transmitters can be used together with the transceiver TR501. Although that is a good solution for many survey situations, the best performance is obtained only when using bistatic antennas and low noise receivers.

In a transceiver configuration the transmitter and the receiver share the same antenna. In that case it is necessary to take measures in order to prevent the saturation or even the destruction of the receiver's sensitive input circuitry. Those measures affect the way the receiver works and at some extend reduce its effective dynamic range.

The best results are achieved using two antennas whenever that is possible. The dual antenna configuration or bistatic mode of operation also allows for other types of surveys not possible in monostatic mode.

Low noise + Low saturation = outstanding results

The fact of having the antennas working in bistatic mode has many advantages. One not so obvious advantage is that the switching circuitry with all the loses accompanying it is not present. That means more of the radio frequency energy reaches the sampling head of the receiver and subsecuently more features are available in the radargram.

The output of the transmitter is not any more causing problems saturating the input of the sampler and therefore the so called 'dead zone' at the top of the radargram is heavily reduced.

The low noise, higher signal strength and low saturation that can be obtained when using the VHT501 and the RX501 make possible outstanding results and penetration not achieved with monostatic configurations using the transceiver alone.

Extra goodies included

The RX501 has a few extra features that make the decision over similar units in the market even easier. The survey wheel output input and the marker button input are both present as standard. No extra adapters are required to run a survey wheel or to have a GPS adding position coordinates to the collected data.

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