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Model RY G60 - Grain Combine Harvester



RYG60 4LZ-6.0 Grain Combine Harvester is a large size untraditional one, which adopts the most advanced cut flowing threshing system and single axle flow nail tooth separating system to increaces the threshing & separating efficiency, and at the meantime to reduce the grain breaking ratio. These technologies ensure it become the leader one and be with the excellent competitive.Small nail tooth threshing system is with markable strong ability and reduces the brown rice.This harvester is mainly for harvesting rice,wheat and maize,also for harvesting soya beans and rape. This harvester matches Yuchai Engine with 117Kw(160Hp), and the 6 row maize header (with 650mm row space )and rice,wheat,soya bean and rape header (with 3.66m or 4.57m) are also available for chocies.

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