Model S 225 to 1,500 L - Open Milk Cooler



Direct expansion open milk cooler. Vertical cylindrical tank with opening lid. Capacity: 225 to 1,500 litres. Performance: 2, and 4 milkings. Manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel and compliant with the most stringent food-processing requirements. High-performance injected polyurethane foam insulation providing outstanding isothermal properties. Compliant with standards ISO 5708 and EN 13732. Compliant with European CE directives.


Compact cooler.
Ideal for dairy farms or small processing operations.
Equipped with the RL5 PLC unit.
The RL5 has a microprocessor for storing information such as milk temperatures, power cuts and other events for a minimum 3-month period.


Emergency cooling.

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