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Model S-line - Logging Trailers


The S-line logging trailer 9242 with 8 or 9.2 to permitted total weight on public roads is the ideal logging trailer for private use or firewood- suppliers. The logging trailer has been designed for the semi-professional logger, as it is similar in engineering and functionality. The construction of the S-line logging trailer consists of a bolted double frame made from specialty U-steel. As far as the configuration is concerned, a plethora of modern and powerful Pfanzelt loading cranes is available. Loaded road trips are possible because of a hydraulic overrun brake or a pressure air-brake installation.

Profi Logging Trailers

Pfanzelt offers the widest variety of logging trailers on the market, so that every customer can chose the perfect logging trailers for his personal needs. Logging trailers from 9 to 15 t carrying capacity form the base. The mounting configurations consist of loading cranes with a range of up to 10 m, with different lifting classes, that can be equipped with forestry log grapples or four finger log grapples in different sizes.

Years of experience make for easy handling, robust configurations and high level of safety in all our constructions.

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