- Model S320 - Gnss Smart Antenna System



Firstly we should point out that this isn’t an RTK receiver and currently we aren’t suggesting you use it to install tile drainage (though it’s on our radar to test the theory on fields with plenty of natural slope!). It’s a new offering from Hemisphere GNSS that brings survey-grade precision to precision agriculture via the Atlas™ Global Correction Service. Atlas offers further improved accuracy when compared to other subscription-based corrections currently used in agricultural applications. In fact, in our tests we found it very comparable to RTK for surface grading and equipment guidance and steering, often seeing 2cm accuracy.

The trade-off to achieve this kind of accuracy without RTK is a longer convergence time. Convergence time refers to the time the receiver is calculating it’s position before it is ready to operate. Typically on our test unit, convergence took 10 – 20 minutes after powering on the receiver. In other words, you have to wait 10-20 minutes before using it.

We’ve developed a custom Bluetooth power/data cable for the AtlasLink receiver (retails for CA$495) meaning you can now use the Atlas to log elevations wirelessly using an Android device or PC – contact us for details.

The Atlas correction service provides accuracy that equals or exceeds other competitive systems such as RTX and TerraStar, at a much lower cost for both hardware and subscriptions. In fact, the AtlasLink even comes with a free 12 month subscription!

  • GLONASS enabled
  • L1 + L2 Dual Frequency
  • ATLAS™ Corrections
  • 2-4cm Accuracy
  • As close to RTK as you’ll get
  • Compatible with Ditch Assist

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