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Model S4 - Continuous Flow Dryers



They dry grain so that the moist grain is poured from above to a column, and the dry grain is collected at the bottom. Both these operations are performed independently, automatically and permanently. They are adapted to uninterrupted work throughout the reaping time. They maintain the unchanged level of drying parameters as preset by the staff. These dryers achieve the highest indices of drying uniformity. With optimisation of the drying process developed by our specialists, they are very cost-effective, with low indices of fuel consumption per ton of dried grain. They may be applied in big agricultural farms and in food and agriculture industry, for drying cereals and corn, as well as seeds of leguminous and oily plants, as well as all other cultivation plants.

During drying in the continuous dryer, the loading, drying, cooling and unloading of grain takes place simultaneously. The grain is top-loaded to the dryer and during the drying process it gradually moves downwards. The lower chamber levels are designed to cool the grain. When the grain passes all the drying and cooling levels, it is transported to the discharge device.


1. Roof
2. Loading segments
3. Hot air channel
4. Burner channel
5. Burner covers
6. Cooling air control louvers
7. Line burner
8. Exhaust fans
9. Unloading system
10. Inlet roof ducts in the drying part
of the dryer column
11. Inlet roof ducts in the cooling part
of the dryer column
12. Air outlet roof ducts
13. Air outlet canal
14. Reverted-air canal
15. Centro separator

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