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Model S6 Series - Boomsprays

Our S6 range of boomsprays have been designed for the larger operators. As with all the S Series our sprayers are reliable, strong machines. Designed and built with strenght, simplicity and ease of use in mind the S6 Series features heavy duty construction, a very simple plumbing design and layout with the highest quality components fitted, making our Stoll Boomsprays the most relaible on the market.

TANK: 6000lt UV stabilized polyethylene tank with large sump for complete drainage and smooth interior for easy chemical decontamination. Tank designed for maximum chassis stability. Forward sloping tank with front sump keeps weight on the tractor drawbar as the unit empties. Tank and chassis designed to have low centre of gravity.

BOOM: As standard heavy duty hydraulic booms range in size from 24m to 36m featuring hydraulic parallelogram lift with nitrogen accumulator suspension and hydraulic fold together with individual hydraulic wing tilt and hydraulic bi-fold meaning that the outer wing can be folded in hydraulically to reduce sprayer width. S6 booms are plumbed with 5 x sections as standard. Plumbed with TeeJet non-drip nozzle bodies, mounted on stainless steel brackets which are behind the boo for complete protection. Flush out caps are fitted on the ends of each boom section.

TRAILER: Heavy duty fully welded box section chassis. A large platform covered with safety-perf at the front of the trailer is convenient for storing chemical drums and hoses etc, and is easily accessed by a convenient fold down ladder on both sides of the sprayer. The tow hitch is height adjustable and has a heavy duty 50mm swivel eye tow.

AXLE/WHEELS: 20.8 x 42' wheels fitted. Heavy duty Maxus axle with airbag suspension results in a very smooth ride. 11 Tonne rated suspension with heavy duty twin leaf trailing arms, meaning longer boom and chassis life, ensuring the boom has the smoothest ride possible. Axle features heavy duty 10 stud hubs.

TANK RINSE NOZZLES: Twin tank rinse nozzles are fitted to main tank as standard. Nozzles are plumbed so that they automatically operate when filling the main tank with clean water which reduces foaming.

TANK FILL: 2” top mounted bottom fill fitted as standard on all models.

SIGHT TUBE: External sigh gauge fitted with LED lights for accurate tank filling.

ROAD LIGHT KIT: LED trailer lights, oversize sign and rotating beacon all fitted as standard.

HYDRAULICS: Quality Eaton hydraulics used throughout. Nitrogen accumulator used on parallel lift cylinders for boom suspension.

NOZZLES: TeeJet non-drip nozzle bodies that are mounted behind the boom for complete protection. TeeJet AI-XR low pressure air induction nozzles are fitted as standard, giving you the ultimate combination of drift control and coverage.

DOUBLE SIDED ELECTRIC FENCELINE NOZZLES: Allowing you to stay clear of fences/trees, yet still spray around them – fitted as standard.

MUDGUARDS: Poly mudguards with large mudflaps are fitted as standard.

CHEMICAL FILL: 60L drop down induction hopper complete with high flow agitator nozzle, drum rinse nozzle and hopper flush nozzle. Makes transferring liquids and powders quick, clean and easy.

PLUMBING: All hoses are the highest quality Australian made chemical grade hose. The plumbing is the simplest and easiest to operate of any sprayer on the market.

AGITATION: Turbo agitator fitted as well as bypass agitation ensures that your chemical will always stay thoroughly mixed.

FILTRATION: High capacity 316 series 2” suction filter, Self-cleaning 1 ½” primary pressure filter and 1 ½” secondary pressure filter ensure that you will keep spraying with no blocked nozzles.

CLEAN WATER / HAND WASH: 30L hand wash tank with integrated detergent bottle.

PUMP: Hydraulically driven Hypro pump or PTO driven pump can be fitted depending on your preference. If choosing the hypro pump, the sprayer can be plumbed so that you can use the hypro to fill the tank which eliminates the need for a standalone fire-fighter or transfer pump.

FLUSH TANK: 425lt flush tank plumbed to enable quick and easy flushing of the pump & boom. The flush tank is slung low in the chassis which keeps the centre of gravity low, giving the sprayer excellent stability. It is also designed to keep weight on the tractor drawbar as the main tank empties.

WIRING/ELECTRONICS: All looms are run inside a heavy duty covering, all plugs and joins are completely sealed giving the ultimate in protection against the elements.

CONTROLS: Top quality TeeJet controls are fitted including 430 series 12v electric ball valves (not solenoids) with stainless steel ball, electric regulating valve & 801A flowmeter. Section valves and flowmeter are combined on the one neat manifold and are mounted on the boom rather than at the front of the sprayer to cut down on unnecessary lengths of hose for easier decontamination, neater installation & quicker on/ off time of booms. The workzone at the front of the sprayer features only two, clearly labeled taps which makes operating the S Series a breeze.

RATE CONTROL/GPS: All S Series sprayers are fitted with an automatic rate control and automatic section control to suit your existing GPS equipment. Alternatively we can fit a standalone TeeJet 844e automatic rate controller.

FINISH: Trailer & boom are sandblasted, before being primed with the highest quality zinc shield primer & then being powdercoated. This process provides excellent chemical resistance with a hard rich finish, and ensures that your sprayer will look good years into the future.

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