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The biological activity of Sacox® is due to its ability to form complexes with cations, particularly its ability to transport potassium ions into and out of the cell. The salinomycin molecule encloses the cation in a hollow-ball configuration, immobilizing the central ion with secondary valence bonds. Outside the complex there are largely neutral, lipophilic hydrocarbon groups, which give the complex the ability to penetrate into the living cells. Because of the loose complex formulation with the cation, salinomycin can function as an ion carrier and can transport cations, particularly potassium, ions, into and out of the cell. The resulting disturbance in the parasite's intercellular ion concentration explains the coccidiocidal activity. During asexual development of the coccidia, Sacox®has a coccidiocidal effect on sporozoites and merozoites.

For the prophylactic control of the coccidial species E. acefvulina, E. maxima, E. necatfix, E. mil's, E. praecox, E. tenello and E. bfunetti affecting chickens for fattening and chickens reared for laying.

Dangerous for equines and turkeys.
This premixture contains an ionophore: simultaneous use with certain medicinal substances (e.g. tiamulin) can be contraindicated. Birds, should not be treated with products containing tiamulin while receiving feed containing Sacox®, nor for at least seven days before or after receiving feed with the product. Severe growth depression or death may result.

Orally, well homogenized into feed.
In order to reach uniform homogenization with feed, it is recommended to mix the measured quantity of the preparation (calculated on the basis of the prescribed dose) on stages in the following order: up to 10 kg feed; up to 100 kg feed; and up to 1000 kg complete feed.

Chickens for fattening and chickens reared for laying.

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