- Model HD - Heavy Duty Truck Hitche


8″ steel tube and 2″ tongue construction handles even the biggest industrial jobs. Heavy-duty connectors take punishment and stay functional. Self-contained hydraulic system means the SAFE-T-PULL HD™ works on any industrial vehicle, whether it has existing hydraulics or not. Operated by wireless remote from the comfort of your cab.

When you need heavy-duty safety, count on the SAFE-T-PULL HD!

  • Minimizes exposure to dangerous pulling equipment such as hooks, ropes, chains and cables.
  • Features a unique shock absorption cushion to reduce the initial jolt associated with pulling or towing.
  • Prevents damage to your transmission, clutch, driveshaft and differential.
  • Improved locking mechanism prevents the arm from dropping accidentally. Pressure is needed to disengage the lock. If pressure is lost the lock remains engaged, much like the emergency brake on a semi tractor trailer.

Count on proven performance – every time!

  • Unique cam allows it to stay centered while remaining flexible – a huge advantage when towing in tough conditions, including mud and uneven ground.

Minimize downtime during busy work days with convenient and easy operation!

  • Conveniently folds up to make maneuvering and storage much easier.
  • Wireless remote control allows the SAFE-T-PULL HD to be hydraulically controlled from the safety of the cab.
  • Disconnects on the go to reduce the number of times you need to get in and out of your vehicle, saving time and avoiding injuries.
  • Optional video camera is available to make it easier to see the hitch point, shortening hook up time.

It’s easy to get connected!

  • Adapts to fit most industrial equipment and vehicles.
  • Safe-T-Pull’s  easy – mount hitch mechanism means that any truck is ready to be pulled safely and evenly with less risk of frame damage. Model- specific: simply replace existing tow hooks. Custom solutions are also available.

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