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Michael Martin -Stone Oak Logistics Group- “We were searching for a solution to the traction challenges that we regularly face in the North Dakota oil field. I was immediately impressed with the design of the Safe-T-Pull. Their folks worked very closely with us to get the correct model for our tractors delivered to us as quickly as possible. The Safe-T-Pull has proven to be a very cost effective tool that gives us the confidence that we can handle any situation we encounter in a very difficult environment.”

Ron Corrick -Helm Enterprises- “We pull 105,000 pound  loads and all my trucks have Safe-T-Pull hitches on them. The hitch provides unmatched strength for pulling because it is attached to both frame rails, not just one. I do not have any problems with bent frames, torn out front ends, or other damaged equipment. I highly recommend Safe-T-Pull hitches on any truck where pulling is inevitable.”

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  • Easy-mount hitch mechanism makes any truck ready to be pulled safely.
  • Fastens into existing tow hook mounts.
  • Easily accessible pulling point centered between both frame rails.
  • Model-specific: Simply call in the model of your truck to one of our local dealers.
  • Reduces the risk of twisting your frame and damage to your truck.
  • All hitches are powder-coated to protect the life of your investment.
  • Over 80 different models designed and custom solutions are also available.
  • Over 20 years of proven performance!

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