Model Safety IV - Adjustable collar



SAFETY headlock (head locking yoke) is a panel that may be open from both ends, raised up and dismantle. It offers a head passage adapted to dehorned dairy cattle and moderately horned breeds.

This Safety headlock has 3 positions one of which allows a release from the bottom of an animal that would have collapsed.

Reinforced swing arms have an anti-passage all positions which prohibit to calves parked with their mothers to pass the head through. Great comfort on the neck (patented).

The arm hinge has a crossing sleeve which receives a steel axis without thread over a span of 58 mm prohibiting the ovality.  Equipped with the famous RAZ system made in elastomer which ensures its return to position 1 (open) in a silent movement without steel-steel contact (patented).

The collar is adjustable by clawed clamps great thickness with reinforced locking and rounded corners.

Locking of the control pipe is built-in, out of reach of animals, soft and silent. It operates at each locking place of the framework through a special locking stop made in composite material containing the individual locking.

Access for unlocking from right or from left safely.

Control handle allowing coupling of several panels.

Available with fixed collar reserved to dairy herds in 5 and 6 m.

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