Sahiba Fabricators

- Spry Dryer for Milk Powder Plant


Spry dryer plays pivotal part in the whole powder plant during the process it removes excess water present in free form between the particles of the dry solids. Dried powder particles, along with moisture-laden exhaust air from the drying chamber, are processed through cyclone separators. The combination of multiple effect evaporators, spray dryer with fines recirculation system and use of a ‘Fluid Bed ', produces powder with extremely good solubility called instant powder.

The spray dryer is operated at temperature of 170-210 °c for whole milk powder and for skim milk powder temperature is 170-230°c .

In two – stage drying process the primary drying is carried out upto 4-12% abhove the final moisture content .the excess moisture is evaporated in a fluid bed.

Advantage of Sahiba Fabricators Dryer is:

  1. Flexibility in controlling powder quality and production of instant powder.
  2. Negligible deposition of powder in the chamber.
  3. Energy saving design.
  4. Less need of manpower to handle whole system.
  5. Designed to take less time in CIP.

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